How to hayu: Preferred devices

Hayu • By The hayu team
04 December, 2017 - 10:18 (UTC)

Your favourite reality shows—anytime, anywhere. Select the device you want to use, and we'll help you get everything set up so you're watching in no time!


We're stating the obvious, but technology moves really, really fast. That means we need to keep you up to date with the leading devices and operating systems that we work with

iOS (Apple products)

hayu's happiest with iOS 10 or above.

Apple lovers don't need to worry, though. If you've got an iPhone 6, an iPad Air or an iPad mini running on iOS 10 or above you'll be just fine. If you aren't sure which version of iOS you're using, here's how to find out.

If you have a fourth generation Apple TV, you have access to hayu there too! If you have an older version of Apple TV, unfortunately you'll have to watch hayu on your other devices.


We have a ‘lite’ app version of hayu to help lower spec Android devices perform a little better when consuming lots of data. On selected devices this will be installed when you download the application from the Play Store. Don’t worry, you get exactly the same shows and episodes as our full app, it’s just that we’ve been busy under the hood increasing reliability and responsiveness. Lucky you!

If you have an Android device, hayu works best on the 4.4 operating system and above. But while the beauty of Android phones is their massive variety, they are not all created equally, so please bear in mind how much power you're packing - an Android phone could be running 4.4, but not have enough computing power to stream high quality video. The latest Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S range and the LG G7 can handle a lot more than some of their more budget-friendly family members.


Firefox browser is not currently supported by hayu. To watch hayu on a laptop or desktop, you'll need to use the latest versions of an alternative browser, and note that hayu is happiest on Chrome. hayu requires flash to play videos which means you need to make sure your browser allows a flash plugin. If you aren't sure how to manage your flash settings, go here for more information about Chrome. hayu also requires Silverlight to allow plugin. 

Want hayu on the Big Screen? We've Got You Covered. 

From smart TVs to Chromecast, AirPlay and Apple TV, there are loads of ways to watch hayu on your real TV. CLICK HERE to get the full list of what is available in your country. 

Basically, if you have options for how to watch hayu, the golden rule is to pick the newest tech you have before you start your binge.

If your phone looks like this, we’re really sorry, but you’ll need to borrow a friend’s...

(Oh, and don’t forget the snacks. hayu always supports snacks.) 

Still have questions? Our FAQ page should have the answers. If you need more help, our support team is on hand.