Below Deck: Med is back! And Season 3 looks set to be the best yet…

Hayu • By Jess Wilson
16 May, 2018 - 04:09 (UTC)

Here’s what we learned from the first episode.

There’s new eye candy. WYKTK:

Brooke – She’s from Manchester. We like her. She’s just started dating one of her oldest friends and this is the first time they’ll be apart.

Kasey – she’s an ex pageant queen with barrels of confidence. She’s also very sea sick.

Colin He’s previously been a captain, but never on a boat this big.

Conrad – He’s 23 and only needs to shave his chin. Adam’s jealous of his name because it has the word “rad” in it.

Jamie – She’s the female deckhand, like the new Malia.

Joao – no one can pronounce his name. Hannah likes him, because he’s from Zimbabwe, which is where her folks are from too.

Chef Adam is back, and he’s over Malia

FINALLY. No more love triangles. He’s also spent the last few months travelling in a campervan and cooking in the woods, which he said has made him a better chef. In fact, he says he’s “never felt like more of a chef.”

Hannah’s back too! She’s worried about being 30 and having no kids

She mentioned it at least 3 times in the first episode. She needs to remember she’s travelling the world, working on a luxury yacht and earning loads of money. There’s plenty of time for all that, Hannah.

Sandy is not f***ing around this season.

The female boss captain had a LOT of rules this season. We are kind of terrified of her now…

The first guests are next level rude

They had to wait 25 minutes for their nuts and their reaction was savage.

The leader of the group was then super rude to Adam who had prepared a beautiful meal of fresh fish and authentic Italian pasta. One of her major complaints was that it came in a bowl.

In the words of Nikki Grahame: “Who is she?!”

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