8 surprising things you might not know about the royal wedding

Hayu • By Jess Wilson
14 May, 2018 - 03:13 (UTC)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to tie the knot in a lavish ceremony this weekend.

And the entire country is shrouded in wedding fever.

In anticipation of the wedding of the century ( sorry Kate and Wills) and in conjunction with hayu’s brand new royal documentary, The Real Princess Diaries, we’ve compiled a list of surprising facts about Miss Markle and her hubby to be…

1. Meghan will break tradition by making a speech  at the wedding– apparently the American beauty intends to make a toast to her new hubby, the Queen, her friends and fam. Cute.

2. The Royal Family are paying for the do. We guess we kind of expected that tbf.

3.  Stormzy is rumoured to be playing an intimate private gig at the reception. Obsessed with this idea.

4. Meghan is the oldest royal bride. And she’s only 36. Kate was 29 when she tied the knot with Wills.

5. Before he proposed to Meghan, Harry had to ask the Queen for permission.

6. Megs and Hazza have reportedly commissioned a number of vodka ice sculptures to decorate their wedding venue. We’re guessing they’ll all be classy.

7. The couple have asked guests to donate to charity, rather than giving them gifts. Why are they SO nice?

8. Meghan’s first name isn’t Meghan. It’s Rachel. Rachel Meghan Markle. That might confuse a few people if it’s read out in church.